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Dangerous Goods Company of Choice

Transporting all 9 classes of hazardous goods by: Road Air Sea

Hazmat Logistics UK

The UK's Dangerous Goods Company of Choice

Hazmat Logistics was formed with the aim of providing specialised shipping services exclusively to businesses and organisations that are tasked regularly with complying to the strictly imposed regulations that govern the transport of dangerous goods.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a safe, efficient and compliant logistics service for Hazardous Materials. Our technical expertise, products and services should reflect a quality and value that cannot be challenged by our competition.

Compounds, substances or articles of a hazardous nature must, by law, be treated with a degree of extra care and attention as prescribed by their given mode of transport. Hazmat Logistics are able to provide this degree of extra care and attention on behalf of customers through providing them with a full logistics service. This includes specialist packing, documentation and handling of all classes of dangerous goods consignments.

Our bespoke transportation service offers a wide range of products and solutions that relate directly to the safe and efficient delivery of all classes of dangerous goods. We are able to utilise all modes of transport (Air, Road and Sea) and have built a network of overseas agents that perform services on our behalf, and in line with our high expectations.

The leading UK carrier licensed to transport all 9 classes of hazardous goods.

Transporting Class 1 Dangerous Goods - explosive Transporting Class 2 Dangerous Goods - flammable gas Transporting Class 3 Dangerous Goods - flammable liquid Transporting Class 4 Dangerous Goods - flammable solid Transporting Class 5 Dangerous Goods - oxidizing agent Transporting Class 6 Dangerous Goods - toxic Transporting Class 7 Dangerous Goods - radioactive Transporting Class 8 Dangerous Goods - corrosive Transporting Class 9 Dangerous Goods - miscellaneous
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