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Movement of Radioactive Material

Hazmat Logistics Limited works with the public and the private sectors and offers a specialist, expert service for the transfer of radioactive materials.

Hazmat Logistics UK

Radac Express

The transport of radioactive material as regulated by the IAEA is to protect persons, property and the environment from the effects of radiation.

Comprehensive Transfer Capability

Hazmat Logistics has developed the Radac Express service with fully trained staff to handle the safe and compliant transfer of radioactive material for all modes of transport: air; road; and sea. Our comprehensive radiation protection programme includes RPS qualified persons on site at all times. We currently deliver radio pharmaceutical supplies on behalf of commercial manufacturers to hospitals and private healthcare facilities worldwide.

Hazmat Logistics has all the necessary credentials to handle radioactive waste consignments and are able to co-ordinate the procedures for permit applications for such delicate shipments.

Radac Express by Hazmat Logistics

The leading UK carrier licensed to transport all 9 classes of hazardous goods.

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