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Transporting all 9 classes of hazardous goods by: Road Air Sea

Hazmat Logistics UK

Safely delivering peace of mind with full compliance

Hazmat Logistics was formed with the aim of providing specialised shipping services exclusively to businesses and organisations that are tasked regularly with complying to the strictly imposed regulations that govern the transport of dangerous goods.

Hazmat Logistics Ltd is proud of the excellent reputation we have earned within the niche and tightly regulated freight transport sector governing the storage, consigning and express worldwide distribution of Dangerous Goods.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the international freight shipping sector, Hazmat Logistics promises to ensure that your consignment is packed, properly consigned and documented in accordance with all applicable transport regulations, no matter how stringent.

Our fully compliant shipping of dangerous goods is unmatched here in the UK - no other business has the legal right to ship all of the 9 classes of Dangerous Goods. Our trusted logistics service is called-upon by commercial businesses and Government bodies and we're proud of our knowledge of and involvement with the legislation governing the movement of dangerous goods by road, by air and by sea.

Above all, we value our long-standing relationships with Customers and the knowledge of our suppliers' individual systems and processes. Our independence means that we're able to choose the very best route for your freight. Our relationships have been built over a long period of time and through mutual credibility, integrity and honesty, which are crucial factors when dealing with the acceptance of dangerous goods with such potentially hazardous nature for carriage on our network.

The leading UK carrier licensed to transport all 9 classes of hazardous goods.

Transporting Class 1 Dangerous Goods - explosive Transporting Class 2 Dangerous Goods - flammable gas Transporting Class 3 Dangerous Goods - flammable liquid Transporting Class 4 Dangerous Goods - flammable solid Transporting Class 5 Dangerous Goods - oxidizing agent Transporting Class 6 Dangerous Goods - toxic Transporting Class 7 Dangerous Goods - radioactive Transporting Class 8 Dangerous Goods - corrosive Transporting Class 9 Dangerous Goods - miscellaneous
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